Membership Benefits

Connect.  Engage.  Succeed.

IAHTM is a network of senior-level experts in textile management who regularly interact to share ideas and information for the mutual and continuing success of their respective healthcare laundry cooperatives.

With an IAHTM Membership:

  • You'll be among your peers.  Unlike with other organizations, whose memberships comprise individuals from dissimilar jobs and professions, IAHTM is a network of like-minded persons in the same industry niche, all sharing the same professional responsibilities, experiences, goals and challenges as you.  With our Peer Assessment & Evaluation program, members are available to visit your facility and share their experience and expertise on virtually any operational or procedural matter of import.
  • You'll get answers when you need them.  With your IAHTM membership, you'll benefit from having quick access to relevant information via a private and secure email discussion group.  You'll be able to query colleagues on any issue...with a click of the mouse.
  • You'll expand your sphere of influence.  IAHTM is among the largest of healthcare laundry organizations, with representation and influence on other local and national groups.  Ours is a strong industry voice, you'll get a say - and you'll be heard.
  • You'll improve expense management.  We're always looking for ways to leverage the strength of our size.  IAHTM's combined purchasing power enables members to benefit from chemical and linen costs below those offered by the largest healthcare GPOs or management companies.
  • You'll optimize your laundry's performance.  Regularly drawing on the experience and expertise of its members, IAHTM conducts multiple informational surveys and benchmarking each year.  The information and data are always available to you, your staff and the facilities you serve.
  • You'll keep learning.  From our annual meeting to our education conferences, continual professional development is IAHTM's core mission.  Because of our highly successful group purchasing, we are able to generously subsidize the education and training of members and their staffs.