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IAHTM is a network of senior-level experts in textile management who regularly interact to share ideas and information for the mutual and continuing success of their respective laundry cooperatives.


The International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM) is a nonprofit membership organization for healthcare laundry cooperatives that provides senior-level textile managers with resources and support to maximize their laundries' efficiencies and control costs without compromising quality or patient focus. IAHTM's mission is to support, advocate and promote the healthcare textile industry through education, exchange of effective practices and shared learning.

You’re in good company with IAHTM. Our membership provides service to approximately 7,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada and processes more than 800 million pounds of clean linen each year.


Laundry/Linen Services: Looking Ahead to 2020


American Laundry News asked the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM) for its perspective on the year ahead as it relates to laundry/linen services. Responding on behalf of IAHTM is Charles Berge, president and general manager of Shared Hospital Services of Portsmouth, VA. Shared Hospital Services is a member company of IAHTM, and Berge serves on the organization’s membership/marketing committee.




The Benefits of Membership

With an IAHTM membership, you'll be among your peers.  Unlike with other organizations, whose memberships comprise individuals from dissimilar jobs and professions, IAHTM is a network of like-minded persons in the same industry niche, all sharing the same professional responsibilities, experiences, goals and challenges as you.  With our Peer Assessment & Evaluation program, members are available to visit your facility and share their experience and expertise on virtually any operational or procedural matter of import.

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Need an Assessment?

One of the most popular aspects of IAHTM membership is its Peer Assessment and Evaluation review program. Upon request, a team of IAHTM members visits the facility of an existing member where upon – peer-to-peer – they share their challenges, experiences and expertise on virtually any operational or procedural matter. The outcome of this review process usually results in some form of recommendation from the team so the existing member can optimize his or her laundry’s performance.

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