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Founded in 1969, the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management (IAHTM), is the largest healthcare central laundry organization in the world. IAHTM members provide service to approximately 7,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Canada and process more than 800 million pounds of clean linen each year. The membership benefits are many, and far reaching.

To become a member of IAHTM, you must meet certain requirements and be sponsored by an existing member. For more information, contact Executive Director Becky Miller.

IAHTM Offers Laundry Audits

How Does Your Laundry Rate? Find Out!

Healthcare executives are under pressure to reduce costs. This includes laundry services, which may not be your area of expertise. IAHTM can help. We offer laundry audits by a team of IAHTM CEOs you select. For benefits on laundry cooperatives, download IAHTM's new White Paper.

Are You Eligible for Membership?

Join other IAHTM CEOs:

  • hone management skills,
  • benefit from group buying power, and
  • enjoy a close network of peers.

If you manage a shared service laundry cooperative, you may be eligible. View more about IAHTM.





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